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  Have you ever given any thought to what is the greatest invention in the past one hundred years? I sure did. People’s answer might differ greatly from one or another. Mine, however, is undoubtedly internet.

  The following reasons will sufficiently illustrate what I say. First and foremost, the most self- evident reason why internet is the greatest invention in the past one hundred years is basically because it does bring us a lot of convenience. For example, in the old time, people sent letters to each other by post office and it always took a long time. But through the internet we can send E-mails. It’s much faster and more convenient. We can even chat through the net. Apparently, compared with telephone, it is much cheaper. Besides the reason stated above, another one is of equal importance. We can do shopping and even do business on the internet. Through the internet, we can buy the most fashionable clothes without leaving our house and earn good money with the least cost.




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