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  Do you agree or disagree with following statement: it is okay for people to use surgery to change their appearance. Please include details and examples in your explanation.









  born with defects, like cleft lip 兔唇

  get disfigured 毁容

  boost confidence 提升自信

  climb up the career ladder(这个表达在what is life really like in Japan中讲过)

  enhance career prospects 提升职业前景






  inner beauty always outweighs the appearance

  get addictive 上瘾

  carry a risk 有风险



  I'm definitely against it as beauty is in the eye of beholders, after all you have done to impress others, at the end you find no one appreciating and you start to think if it's worth the risk and pain all over again.

  Plus it makes everyone look the same, now when i go out i figure out right away who has been under knife. this unnatural look says it all!

  And now with all kinds of makeup techniques, people are able to look the way they want, so why suffer when things can work out just like that, most importantly its more natural!



  Well, personally, I think it is acceptable for people to undertake plastic surgery based on the following reasons. To begin with, when someone is having a plastic surgeries, the money will be paid to the surgeons and also to those who work in that place, like the janitors, repairmen, cashier and the receptionists. In short, it can boast the economy by creating more jobs. Additionally, some people are not happy with their appearance, and a better body and facial appearance will help build up their confidence and they certainly have the right and freedom to decide what they do with their body. I mean, it doesn't hurt to have the plastic surgeries as long as the party involved can afford it.



  To be honest, I’m ok with this. Changing the way people look has become a part of their daily topics. I always hear people around me talk about having a plastic surgery in South Korea, like breast implants or double-fold eyelids. Even I want to make my chin look pointy. You may think I am crazy, but tell you the truth, if some people don’t get it done, they will lose their precious chances. For example, when two girls are taking a job interview. Girl A looks really normal, actually when she is surrounded by the crowd, you won’t even notice her. And Girl B has ever done a plastic surgery on her nose, cheeks and eyebrows, and she’s perfect in most men’s eyes. So, whom do you think will get the job? Girl B of course. I’m not being judgmental, I’m just telling the cruel facts.


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