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  一 基本规律 (Basic rules)

  1. Indefinite article (不定冠词)

  我们用 "a , an " 当我们不知道他是诸多人或事中的哪一个:

  * is one of many. ( 是许多个中的一个)

  He is an artist.(=there are many artists)

  * is not unique. (不是唯一的)

  I have just bought a book

  * has not been mentioned before. (之前没有提到过)

  There was a new student in class today.


 2. Definite article (定冠词)

  我们用 " the " 当我们知道他是诸多人或事中的哪一个:

  * is unique (or unique in that context) (是唯一的)

  The Australian Prime Minister. (=there is only one)

  I looked inside, the engine was in a terrible state. (=there is only one engine, in this case)

  * has been mentioned before. (之前提到过)

  The man gave me a ticket. I looked at it, and saw that the ticket was a single.

  * is defined by the phrase which follows it. (要被接下来的短语详细说明)

  What is the new student's name?


 3. No articles (无冠词)


  * using plural or uncountable nouns (在使用复数或不可数名词时)

  Do you like sport?

  * with the names of people or places, but there are many exceptions (人名和地名的时候不用冠词,但是地名有许多例外,下文一一介绍)

  He is Professor Jones


 4. Fixed phrases ( 固定短语)


  a few at home at work at the beginning atthe end go to bed

  go to the cinemas, shops, station in the world once a week

  sixty kilometres an hour the next the other the other day

  the same


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