雅思口语:Decision you disagree with

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  雅思口语Part2话题:Decision you disagree with和大家分享。

  Topic:Describe a decision made by others that you disagree with.

  You should say:

  who made this decision

  what it is

  how you told him/her

  and explain why you disagree the decision


 Sample answer:

  I'd like to share a decision that I disagree with my parents. It was a decision related to my career choice.After I graduated from university, I worked in a state-owned bank for two years following my parents'advice. Last summer, when the third year came,my family would like me to continue my labor contract with bank. They thought,it was suitable for a girl. It was a night-to-five job with well paid. It offered enough promotion possibility in my field,coz my major and interest were all in finance. But I preferred to change my job as an English teacher assistant in private companies. I wanted to experience another lifestyle and achieve my own potential in other area. At that time,I was stuck in the work when I stayed at bank. I told my parents that,unlike people thought,the job with too many trifles always messed up my daily routine even in my days off. It was not what I pursuit at beginning. After weighing up pros and cons,I persuaded my family and made a tough but right decision,quitting my position at that moment and devoting in education field. Now I enjoy my current job very much and my family is glad for my choice of this.


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